Text From Kris’s Phone 2022-06-14

I need a copy of mom’s death certificate

Two years it’s going on with this ILLUSION of scanarios n alot of Here Say, shit you don’t take action on, so therefore how am I supposed to believe a ward you say? You keep telling me that it’s ME shoveling all this crap over mom death, but yet, if anyone were to look upon ALL the texts going back for these two years, I’ll safely say that it’s been YOU all along my brother!!! this is no game to me n never was, but you’ve made it one and i don’t like this game of yours.

You are the Epitome of the term The Devil’s Advocate!! What a fucking Shame you are, n better yet, you don’t see that in what your doing to cause major fuck ups in n my life!!! I’ve done nothing but beg n plead for you to just simply remove yourself out of MY LIFE, you can’t seem to do so, therefore, YOU ARE THE ROOT of all this ongoing bullshit you have created. I never started any of this n you can’t stop, that’s alot of wrongs!!!

Welcome to the neighborhood dump. Home value dropped nearly $20,000 in 8 months. Currently lowest valued house on the block.

Reply From Tim 2022-06-14-2015

Help ( was an accident due to user unable to use the equipment. )

Insurance canceled on house. House, no will, TX law says 50/50 split. Sell, pay rent, or sell out. Other than trying to blame your problems on me why are you contacting me?